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Monday, November 24, 2008

RIP: Kirn Memorial Library

Kirn Memorial Library will close on Sunday forever. It will be torn down and relocated to the Seaboard Center, a block away. There, they will construct a new $50 million library. Although it is not my plan or idea, which would have built the library ON TOP OF the Light rail station, I think that once the new section is completed, it should be a nice library. My only objection to previous plans was that the city wanted to move the library out of downtown.
Back to the Kirn Light Rail Station. Norfolk really needs to look into building something a bit more high density on that station. As nice as greenspace would be, it is contrary to the high-density, smart development model that is needed to make the Light rail as successful as possible. Please remember my existing Kirn proposal:

The Future of Kirn Memorial Library February 2008

Icon for what? May 2008


Anonymous said...

Please note that Kirn will NOT be closing on Sunday, November 30 as reported in the paper. We will close Kirn when the new location, Norfolk Main Library, is ready to open at 235 E. Plume St. That will not occur until later in December when the lower level of Norfolk Main Library will open for people to use the computer technology center and return books. Until that time, people can still check out books from Kirn's first floor collection, and return books. Thanks- Lori Crowe, Norfolk Public Library Public Relations Coordinator

Russell Manning said...


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