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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hoola Hoop Lady Justice

Here is the video of the Police Officer tasering the woman commonly know as the "Hoola Hoop Lady." It is apparent that she has done nothing wrong in the video and that the cop was acting incredibly out of line. Not only should the officer loose his job, pay, benefits, and retirement, the Police Chief and prosecutors need to answer as to why the charges lasted so long with this video in existence. It is obvious that it was a police video. Why was it not reviewed sooner? As much as I would like to save money as a Norfolk taxpayer, Norfolk needs to pay a very large sum to the woman. They can make up for the expense by ending the career of this officer and relieving him of all of his benefits, pay, and retirement. Furthermore, he should be charged personally with assault and sued for damages plus pain and suffering. Normally, I am not one to sue. In cases such as this one however, justice must be served. She was a handicapped woman assaulted by police and she should have to pay no more.

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