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Monday, November 3, 2008

Police Oversight

Norfolk's police seem to be arresting people that make people feel uncomfortable but that don't actually break any laws. Chesapeake's Police allegedly seem to utilize criminals and theft to manufacture cases against people who's only crime is self-defense and a minute amount of reefer. Now, Virginia Beach's Police are using racial epithets and targeting minority clubs in an effort to make the Beach more "family friendly." It appears that now would be the opportune time to organize some sort of citizen oversight board for the respective police departments. There are a number of other cities that do this, usually with great success. These boards don't turn the police department into a mockery, do not complication the enforcement of laws, or put huge numbers of police officers up on trial. In actuality, they tend to increase to the public's level of trust and the responsibility level of the department. Complaint numbers usually decrease. Of the complaint's recieved, very few actually turn out to be warrented, bona-fide wrong-doings of police officers. We need to implement this system now, before the trust of the region's police departments erode to a dangerous level.

1 comment:

Laughingdog said...

"before the trust of the region's police departments erode to a dangerous level."

I think it's a little too late for that. A realistic goal might be "before it erodes to an irreparable level".

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