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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chesapeake Gun Buy-Back

This is a terrible idea. There is absolutely no evidence that suggests gun buy-backs actually work. Also, wouldn't criminals be inclined to break into houses and steal more handguns, therefore leading to an increase in crime. this would be especially easy if any of them happen to still know who has them from when Roanoke printed the list of CCW holders of everyone in Virginia. This gun buy-back will not help fight crime. Why would a criminal take $100 for a gun that he could easily sell on the street for $500? Or he could use it to rob someone and make even more. Come on Chesapeake, try putting more cops on the street in problem areas and getting convictions for these criminals. Chesapeake, try reading "Gun Buy Back Program Benefits Questioned" by John Hoffmann, published by the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJ 179755). It's researchers theorized that the buy-backs prompted drug addicts to steal guns to pay for drugs. Also, criminals would sell old guns to help buy new ones. They studied the 1991 and 1994 St. Louis buy-backs and determined that the guns bought back were not the same type the were used in gun crimes, therefore deeming the buy-backs a waste. (They tend to be antiques, collectables, or revolvers turned in by family of gun owners) The only purpose these programs serve is for great photo opportunities for police. Austrailia, where they forced people to turn in all of their firearms 12 years ago has destroyed merely 640,000 guns. They continue to have gun buy-bakcs and turn-ins. Their armed robbery rate has since risen drastically. Guns are not being used at frequently, but I would be just a scared with a knife in my face as a gun.

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