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Monday, May 12, 2008

Icon for a what?

The proposal for the Kirn Light Rail Station by Urban Design Associates is preposterous. This UDA proposal is decidedly suburban. How is a suburban plaza design supposed to be icon of an urban city such as Norfolk? They wanted to create an iconic gathering place for the city. Well first of all, we already have 'iconic' gathering places; Town Point Park, Waterside, MacArthur Center, etc. Some of these places are doing better than others. Waterside is ailing right now, because the city is spending more money subsidizing the businesses inside that they are spending money to revitalize the structure itself. As for the future of the Kirn space, I stand behind my earlier idea. We should build a new library above the light rail station. As an option to the idea, offices, condos, or both could be constructed above the library. A building such as this WOULD be an icon. An icon of cooperation. An icon of efficiency. An icon of success.

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