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Sunday, May 4, 2008

VA Beach's Golden Gate Bridge

A bridge to cross VA Beach Blvd would certainly be safer than attempting to cross the ten-lane superhighway that is the Blvd. Their proposed design, however, is a tad bit grander than required to work.
Since VA Beach is looking at a tighter budget, why not scale back the design? Norfolk has at least four of these footbridges downtown alone. They are fully functional, they're not eyesore, and they certainly cost less than $3 million to build.

VA Beach really needs to start spending more wisely and focus their resources on more pressing issues. I live in Norfolk and I just found out that ALL of my neighbors moved from VA Beach. They said that they moved here because the neighborhood was better (less crime, friendlier neighbors, etc.), the schools were about the same, and they got more house for their money. I'm not sure if this is a trend or a coincidence, but VA Beach should be careful of who it steps on the further its image. That means they should spend wisely and look to their neighbors as allies, not competitors.

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