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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tide Cost May Rise Again

In case you hadn't heard, it has been proposed to move the Military Highway Station of the Tide to the East side of Military Highway versus its current location on the West side. The current location would be an ideal spot to serve the commercial park on Corporate Blvd. It would, however, not be a very good location for future development. The proposed location would be on the side with a group of warehouses, which would hold much more potential for redevelopment.
While this would be an excellent idea, the city needs to make sure that if they move this station, they provide a very well lit, safe station and area to walk to the west side commercial park. In the future, a relocated station would serve very well. Until that side is redeveloped, however, it will make for a dreary stop, surrounded by warehouses that are usually dark at night and weekends.


Jessica Blaine said...

What are your sources?

(I am very pro-Transit and live on Route 2 Hampton Blvd)

Russell Manning said...

The Norfolk Civic Connection, distributed by the Division of Communication for Norfolk Civic Leagues. It can be found at on page 35. The city/HRT has yet to make a decision.

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