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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Regionalism it is

For the past year, I have run a poll on the side of my blog. Finally, the results are in:
The question: Would you support a unified Hampton Roads?
The Results:
-As a single city - 50%
-As a collective government (i.e. NYC) - 28%
-A region with collective services only - 6%
-I would not support a unified city - 14%
Therefore, some manner of regionalism beats none at all 84% to 14% (discrepancy is the result of rounding). 78% support a strong form of regionalism. I also have a feeling that this number would increase once the Tide is completed and people start to get on board with easy transit.

1 comment:

Avenging Archangel said...

I agree. Once a regional light rail network is operational, the city lines will become less meaningful. After all, if you could go from Portsmouth to Virginia Beach at bus fare cost, the distances disappear as a barrier.

Within 30 years I expect to see the five cities of South Hampton Roads consolidated.

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