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Monday, January 26, 2009

HRBT, 3rd Crossing, Still Traffic?

Re: Study: Extra lanes, third crossing will ease region's traffic

Interesting. The HRMPO thinks that an HRBT expansion would not be a help to our transportation. Instead, they believe that a Third Crossing would be a cure-all for our transportation problems. The Peninsula, on the other hand, feels that the HRBT is where we should start if we do anything. Norfolk opposes this plan on the grounds that it would disrupt Ovean View too much. Apparently constantly stopped traffic and the associated pollution is not a large enough impact on OV. I support with ODU's new study. They have decided that even if we built BOTH a 3rd Crossing and an HRBT expansion, the usage at 2030 would only be 8% less than capacity. In other words we can build BOTH and would still need another solution within a few years. I think that this is a pretty good reason to spend extra money on a regional LRT system. If we can throw nearly $7.4 BILLION at roads and STILL need more, then perhaps we don't have a grasp on the correct solution. If we spent $7 billion on LRT we would only need the highways for incoming tourists and commercial traffic. You could build over 180 miles of light rail for $7 billion. I can only hope that our future legislatures can realize this. I say future because I think that our current legislatures have forgotten about us.


thesh00ter said...

i agree

i think they should skip the HRBT and go for the 3X being that it's SUPPOSED to be multimodal. they're ideas are so scattered. thus i'm sure it's safe to say they're scatter brains. not trying to be funny but it seems to be true. why not go the full direction instead of just starting in Norfolk. i think they can still get FTA approval if they put a right of way in the middle of the interstate. u can't say nobodies gonna ride that or that they're aren't enough residents/occupants near it. like u said the current leaders don't care

Russell Manning said...

I think that we should require the Virginia Legislature to meet once a week in the middle of rush hour at the tunnel facility. Then they build us something quick.

thesh00ter said...


yeah maybe they'll do like Kaine and say that they're "too busy" to do that. much like he did when they asked him to look at the people protesting the closure of the southeastern facility.

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