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Thursday, December 11, 2008

VDOT at its best?

Now that I have posted my review of the meeting, I have to say what I really wanted to say. These two public meetings were fairly high profile for VDOT. They would be under the spotlight and, considering this, I would think that they would be on their best behavior. The first thing I notice? They spelled 'feasibility' wrong. Their HRBT Project Feasibility Study comment form was graced with the title of "Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel Project Teasability Study Comment Form." Is that supposed to be a joke? For $500,000 they either couldn't afford to push the spellcheck button or they just like playing really expensive jokes. Maybe they enjoy 'teasing' us with pictures of solutions... Also, in typical VDOT style, the meeting started behind schedule and ended even later. Ten minutes late to start and twenty minutes late to end.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Russell should look up typical not tipical you idiot!

Anonymous said...

Views of the Hampton Roads political scene as interpreted by a 21 year old college student who is just barely old enough to vote and can’t spell either. God help us please.

Russell Manning said...

The above posts were from VDOT computers. I responded on a separate post -> here

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