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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A New Jordan Bridge?

An investment group wants to build a new Jordan Bridge complete with a fixed span (aka no draw bridge) for $200 million LESS than the city said it could be done for, according to the Virginian-Pilot. The group includes Philip Schucet, a former VDOT commissioner who worked wonders on budgets and time-lines while at VDOT, and Figg Bridge Developers (Florida). It will receive financing from Britton Hill Partners (Florida). Excellent idea. Excellent solution. This is precicely what I love to see. I doubt that there is any objection to this plan. What interests me more, however, i how they can build it $200 million CHEAPER than the city. I do not doubt their number, I instead question the city's. Where did they get this number from? Also, perhaps this is why costs are so high with other projects. Public-private partnerships are where roadways are headed nowadays. We need to get on board now. According the the Pilot's article, the developer has been thinking about a Jordan replacement for "several years." That is certainly more than Chesapeake has done. To further illustrate the ineffectiveness of Chesapeake's governing system, Mayor Krasnoff had each council member meet individually with the developers. Would it not have been quicker and more efficient for everyone if it had been done as a group? I know why they did not do it as a group, though. Then it would have had to follow the FOIA guidlines. Wake up Chesapeake. Residents do not want their time and money wasted. They want action. Which is exactly what this company is proposing.

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