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Monday, December 15, 2008


This morning I sat through the MPO Committee meeting. It started promptly at 9:30 and last until quarter to Noon. Over an hour was spent listening to a consulting group give the 'Best Practices' results from their survey of a variety of national MPOs. While they came up with some great stuff, the Committee expressed their disappointment because the group did not actually make any recommendations or directions for the MPO. I was impressed with the Committee. They actually seemed like they wanted to make a difference in our region. I think that their biggest impediment is that when they come up with recomendations for the region, the state has no obligation to abide by their wishes. I came to this conclusion listening to them talk today. The ideas that they wanted to push for a great. It was said today, though, that they make these plans but the state and its agencies do what they want to do anyway.

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