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Sunday, December 21, 2008

SPSA: To Trash or Recycle?

SPSA's outlook is dismal. That is a fact. They have $240 million in debt, a $16 million shortfall, and dwindling income. Will this be the end to SPSA or the beginning of a new era? Hopefully, the latter. They need to manage the collection of waste and the final destination for that waste. The actual collecting of the waste should be contracted out, as well as other various jobs. The Southeastern Public Service Authority should not be collecting its own trash. You don't see the Port Authority operating its own ships to collect its own cargo. You don't see the Norfolk Airport Authority operating its own airline service. The point is that SPSA is showing its age. Thirty years ago, it was the norm to have public entities do their own work. Now, in this age of Privatization, that model is all but dead. In order to remain (or become again) viable, SPSA needs to contract out to the private sector. This will maintain a regional waste disposal entity while at the same time, directing money to other local companies.

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