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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Harbor Park to Make Modifications

Harbor Park is set to spend $500,000 to move the right-field fence 20 feet and construct a party deck. Officials hope that this will increase the ability of the players to hit home runs. They say that the park has one of the farthest distances to the right-field fence. While I am sure this is true, they should not claim that it is the reason that they want to make the changes. If home run ease was their primary concern, they would not have put the party deck in the equation. I am not against them building the deck, I do think that Harbor Park should just tell it like it is and say, "Hey, we want to build a party deck and we can do it behind right field, due to it abundance of distance." I would support that. Regardless, I think it is a positive improvement.
Also, on another note, the exhibition game is April 3, between the Orioles and the Nationals. I am saving money for the tickets now. If anybody happens to be a season ticket holder (they get 1st dibs on tickets) I may be interested in a couple come February :)

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