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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Norfolk City Council vs. HRT

Recently, the Virginian-Pilot has released two articles about Norfolk City Council's current sentiment towards HRT. I was hoping to have posted my story earlier. I was at the city council meeting last week when Mayor Fraim called HRT's lack of communication 'arrogant' and 'not acceptable.' In my opinion, this is not all HRT's fault. The majority of it may be, but the city should have pressed harder. Norfolk's City Manager seems to only get involved when she is told to by council at a meeting after someone criticizes something.
Norfolk needs a new City Manager. I don't want them to fire her, but it is time that she should retire. She has been Norfolk's City Manager for nearly 10 years and it is time for change. She has been a good manager in the past but recently she is starting to slide.
HRT, as well, needs some change. They are better than they used to be, I will give them that. However, they seem to be two-sided. On one side, you have the friendly customer service people and things such as the UCAC, designed to promote better communication between customers and company. On the other side, though, you have the higher-ups and the larger projects. They seem to act like they are the final decision on everything. They don't heed to questions, problems, or complaints. Although these problems are technically in the minority, they are what form the opinions of everyone. People don't remember the good, just the bad. Come on, HRT. You need to remember that you are paid by the city via taxpayer dollars.


Avenging Archangel said...

What's so wrong is that HRT Staff and Norfolk Staff have been holding weekly meetings on light rail. If there's a failure to communicate, it's the Norfolk Staffers failing to pass the word up the line.

Russell Manning said...

Well, one more example is down in Ocean View. HRT recently eliminated nearly 10 bus stops because the "city said they needed to be thinned out." Randy Wright, on the other hand, said all he wanted was for them to remove ONE that was too close to another. He didn't tell them to thin all of them.

thesh00ter said...

*sigh* i tell u, after i thought things were going smoothly for a change, now the finger pointing starts. u know i don't expect things to be perfect, but i at least want some unity in this project.

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