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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gangs in Hampton Roads

Today in the Virginian Pilot, they had an article about gangs in Norfolk and Portsmouth. They talk about violence in the high schools in Norfolk and Portsmouth. Yes, gangs are a problem in Norfolk and Portsmouth. We are, however, working on fixing the problem. We have multiple programs to fight gans not only in our schools, but on the streets. What I did not like about the article was that it failed to mention Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Most people know that Virginia Beach has gangs, but few realize to what extent. Green Run isn't called 'Gang Run' for nothing. Chesapeake is another thing. For some reason, people seem to believe that Chesapeake has the best schools in the area. In most cases, Chesapeake schools are alot like Norfolk's. In fact, Chesapeake Public Schools has a PowerPoint on gang recognition. They have grafitti pictures that are all taken in Chesapeake. In fact, the Superintendent of the schools is on the video and says that gangs have infiltrated every high school and middle school in Chesapeake and signs have shown up in elementary schools. Gangs are a major problem in ALL Hampton Roads schools and people need to see that. Local cities need to work together to combat this. When gangs cross city lines, the gang units of the police can not afford to stop at the line.

After Bounty Hunter Bloods (red BHB) got taken down by the authorities, the Gangster Disciples (5-point star w/trident and 'GD') took over.
(Picture taken near Oak Grove Lake Park, in Chesapeake, in a pedestrian tunnel. Tunnel has since been repainted by the city and has already been re-grafittied)

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