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Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm voting for:

I have had my mind made up for months. I know that normally, I reserve this blog for anything that directly effects Hampton Roads. This election, however, will effect our region, which is why I am writing my endorsement.I am voting Libertarian this election for both President and Senate. In the past, I have voted for Republicans and Democrats and, frankly, it doesn't bother me when people vote for other parties. I really dislike when people give other people dirty looks when they tell them they are voting for one or the other. I have talked to many people about their political views and I have come to realize that most people who know who they will vote for don't know why. Most of them do not even know the platform of the candidate. I think that it is a sad day when people make up their minds for voting day depending on the number of Obama/McCain signs in their neighborhood. Same goes for polls. Which is why I am voting Libertarian. It is the only party that would give us real change. Lower taxes. Major reforms to our systems of education, health care, social security, welfare, and transportation. Major reform to our energy policies and our military policies. Most importantly, it would bring about a smaller government. I understand that this would bring a decreased military presence to our area, but at the same time it would strengthen our economy by eliminating income tax and bring jobs back from overseas. Obama and McCain are both liars. The Republican Party has had 154 years to get it right (since 1854) and the Democrats have had 216 years (since 1792). If they havn't produced a desirable outcome in that amount of time, they should be replaced. (NOTE: The current Democratic Party in any other country would be called the Democratic Socialist Party and the Liberal Party in any other country would be called the Libertarian Party in the United States) If you want REAL change and you are truly Liberal, join me, and vote Libertarian. If you consider yourself a conservative and want change, check out the Constitution Party (on VA's ballot as Independent Green). That is my view. If you do not agree with it, that is fine. I do not hold your views against you. I think that as long as you vote on an INFORMED decision than you have done your part in America. If you just vote to vote, however, you have wasted a vote and you have mocked the American political system and all it stands for. Thank you. If you truly want to see what your candidate believes, check out as it is an independent, unbiased view
on anything you see in the news.


Sailorcurt said... attempts to be unbiased, but they have their biases just as everyone else does.

In any endeavor where subjective opinion can, in any way, be injected, personal biases of those forming the opinions will be a factor, whether they intend them to be or not.

Simple facts are easy to verify, but when they delve into opinions about the conclusions drawn from those facts, they enter into the realm of subjectiveness and their biases become clear for those who are looking.

In other words, if the question is a simple "true/false", then factcheck is a good resource, but if the question is based upon an INTERPRETATION of the facts (such as in the case of many political ads, which are based on facts, but can be misleading due to interpretation), they're not any more reliable than any other subjective source of information.

Sailorcurt said...

BTW: What do you mean by "Independent?"

They are not self-funded and, therefore are NOT independent. They are funded by the Annenberg Foundation...which also funds political organizations and causes. The Annenberg Foundation also funds the Annenberg Challenge, which Barack Obama chaired for several years.

The term "independent" is, itself, very subjective.

Sailorcurt said...

Case in point

Russell Manning said...

You hit the nail on the head: "if the question is a simple true/false", then factcheck is a good resource, but if the question is based upon an INTERPRETATION of the facts..." precisely. I think that everyone SHOULD check the FACTS and SHOULD form their own OPINIONS. That is the key to a free society.

Marc Montoni said...

Thank you for your article about your election choice. I hope you and your readers will consider also taking the next step by becoming active supporters of the Libertarian Party. This helps us present more of the kinds of freedom-loving candidates you seek. A form for joining is available here:

Thanks again, and best wishes.

Marc Montoni
Secretary, Libertarian Party of Virginia

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