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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

One More building

At Tuesday's City Council Meeting , the council approved a new project for the Fort Norfolk section of the city, across from the Medical Complex. This building is going to be a great addition to that area. The Fort Norfolk area is PRIME real estate right now, and I am not sure why other building projects have not chose to use it. A third of this area is no more than a field. That percentage goes to at least half if you include parking lots. It is in a great place in terms of transportation, as well. This is the beginning of the light rail line. Any office complex would have easy access for employee from as far away as Virginia Beach, their commute time being half of what it would be. This property has spectacular views of the water, Portsmouth, and Downtown Norfolk. Perhaps instead of tearing down more buildings Downtown, developers can look towards Fort Norfolk's already clear expansive land just waiting to be developed.

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