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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chesapeake School Security - LobbyGuard

This is not a good idea. It just isn't. The idea of having every parent scan in their ID is ludicrous. Right now they only check it with Sex Offender list. What happens next? Do they add in the outstanding warrant list? The past due taxes list? The past due parking ticket list? What happens if a parent is a sex offender? If they are just bringing their child into school or coming in for a parent-teacher conference, will security come and get them? Will parents be deprived the right to be involved with their children's education because they are a sex offender. While I (just like anyone) want sex offenders to stay away from my children (when I have them), if another parent is a sex offender, they should not be kept out of their child's life. If they made a bad decision before they had children, served their time, and now they are productive members of society, why are they still punished. I think that at very least, these machines should be given a list of accepted legal guardians. If the person is a legal guardian of a child, the alarms should not go off. Of course this could be done with just an administrative assistant in an office. Many private schools already do this. They have a list for every child of the people that are authorized to pick up each child. If a child is picked up, the person has to stop by the office and show an ID. They are then compared to the list of accepted persons. This is alot more productive when combined with a security guard. If the parent is a sex offeder and these alerts call security to the person, how is that going to affect the child? Especially if the child did not know beforehand. What if the student is the sex offender? This is a possibility in High School. Why is it that it is only the parents that get screened? The children are more likely to be injured at the hand of another student than an outside coming into the building
And remember... This coming from the City who doesn't even screen its administration. (as a refresher; the GBHS vice principal that allegedly killed his wife - the school system had no current address for him, etc)

1 comment:

Peter A. Stinson said...

Actually, it's possible that students in elementary or middle school could be sex offenders, also. As horrible as it sounds. The Pines residential treatment facility does a booming business treating juvenile offenders, and they're not all of high school age. By no stretch of the imagination.

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