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Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm back!

Just to let everyone know: I am back. I have my college stuff squared away for now and I am back to my semi-regular schedule. I will start substitute teaching this fall. That should be fun. Anywho, my first post back is of course about light rail. The day after I came back from camp, I took a drive too look at the light rail segment between NSU and Harbor Park. I was quite pleased to see that most of the elevated portion has been completed near Harbor Park. I am very excited to see this project coming along so nicely. I was intrigued however why there were not more pictures on the ridethetide website. Maybe I will just take my own and post them. Anyway, there is an article on PilotOnline (probably will be in todays paper) about the Ingleside station. Apparently residents are concerned about the new access light rail will create for their relatively cut-off neighborhood. While I am completely for this project, I do understand where they come from, especially, from what I gather from the article, the city has been less than forthcoming with answers for them. I think today, after I sleep and wake up, i will check out this station and let yall know what I think.

1 comment:

thesh00ter said...

welcome back. i know what you mean about the website. but do u know about the newsletter? it seems that's where they put the most recent pics. strange i know.

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