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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

VA Beach's Pembroke Plan

RE: "Plan would massively expand traffic options" VA Pilot 8/20/08

This plan almost sounds like someone actually thinking. They want to realign their roads to a grid-type system. Included in this is a plan to put part of Independence Blvd underground. I think they should put VA Beach Blvd under with it. It would get traffic backups out of Town Center. They took into account that they can't get federal light rail money until they have a bus system that works. they plan on using the Norfolk Southern right-of-way for a bus rapid transit line while they worked towards light rail. I think that this mass transit option will be very popular especially considering the fact hat they want to cut the width of VA Beach Blvd by half.

Good job on progress, VA Beach. Now all you need to do to finish your downtown is to move the government there. Until then, its just a mixed-use high-rise district, not a downtown.


thesh00ter said...

yeah it would nice to see if they would consider letting the light rail run under town center or at least in the surrounding areas. that would REALLY have a downtown-metro feel.

Russell Manning said...

the problem with VA Beach getting light rail anytime soon is that the federal government requires a functional bus system before they can get federal funds

Avenging Archangel said...

Given that the developers who really call the shots in Virginia Beach want light rail, they'll get us our buses. I expect a majot service boost in the FY 2010 Budget.

The Virginia Beach City Council holds it's annual Retreat tomorrow and Saturday. Smart money says the buses get voted a priority there. As I plan to go (been to every Council Retreat since 2002), watch my blog for coverage.

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