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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Where am I?

Apologies again for infrequent entries. I work summer at a Boy Scout Camp that serves the Hampton Roads area. We have been setting up and start getting campers next week. Wish us luck. I will be back to my regularly scheduled life in August. Please keep me updated on any interesting happening that I might miss out on. While I am gone PLEASE CONTINUE TO VOTE IN MY POLL TO THE RIGHT ->
I would like to get a lot more votes than the 30 I have now.

1 comment:

thesh00ter said...

how's it goin lately? does it it take more then 2 yrs for them to have mass transit info on google maps? cuz they don't have info on the stops for The Ride in Denver. it took me forever to find the stops. i finally saw the tracks and the LRV with street view. hope to talk to u soon

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