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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Light Rail Map

As some of you may recall, I made a map of my thoughts on a Regional light Rail System. I have made some modifications. Please view and leave your thoughts.

View Larger Map
If you'd like to view it, I've compiled all the information into an Excel spreadsheet, download-able here


Russell Manning said...

I especially need suggestions on my Peninsula side. I don't travel there much, so I need your help.

Michael Ragsdale said...

TCC Suffolk (the Portsmouth Campus) is being moved to Victory Crossing

Michael Ragsdale said...

I've left some comments directly on Google with my thoughts. This map is mostly good; it could use bus routes as well

Avenging Archangel said...

1. I like neither your Virginia Beach #2 nor #3.

The North End will never have the density for LRT. In addition, trying to run LRT down Pacific Avenue would be a political quagmire.

The bus there (Route 33) has a low load factor north of 19th Street, especially in the off-season. Therefore, watch the 33, adding an additional frequency if necessary.

2. Does your Norfolk #2 go to ODU via Colley or Hampton? I'd take the former route.

3. The Peninsula is working on a MOS in Newport News for what is to eventually be a Hampton - Williamsburg via Newport News line. Let them continue that.

4. If there's eventually to be a 2nd Virginia Beach line, I'd argue for Newtown Road - Municipal Center via Princess Anne Road. However, that's at least 25 years off.

Michael Ragsdale said...

This map should have bus routes added as well. Not everything supports light rail. Avenging Archangel has a point of ODU service. I used to live in West Ghent and can vouch: Hampton Blvd is a complete nightmare. Send any trains up Colley to get them out of traffic and to also serve the Ghent Business District

Russell Manning said...

I am currently creating a separate mapset with all of the HRT bus routes. Search user created content for "current route for HRT service" all of the ones that are titled routs are mine. Im not very far on it yet, but its coming along. When I get a chance, I'll set it up for you to collaborate on michael

Michael Ragsdale said...

Thanks. Keep in mind that like you, I'm only familiar with the southside. Primarily Norfolk and the Beach.

Michael Ragsdale said...

That's not a bad little bus map so far. What I was thinking of for this light rail map would be on parts that can't sustain light rail (for example the North End of the Oceanfront), the map would include bus routes instead.

Russell Manning said...

Well, my goal is to use the existing bus routes as a guide as to where the light rail should go. They already have routes to most top places, but light rail would do it more efficiently and quickly

Michael Ragsdale said...

I see what you mean.

Anonymous said...

LRV's would be a waste in HR since the population is going to be reducing soon. Hampton Roads 7 cities total pop. could drop to 550,000 TOTAL...thats all from today's current 1.5 million. Why?

The following facilities will be closing or at least significantly be reducing operations by the end of the decade:

1.) Naval Sta Norfolk (yes, that's right)

2.) Norfolk Naval Shipyard

3.) Oceana Naval Air Station

Why? Encroachment. Period. Too much development too close to vital bases critical to national security. The Navy is upset with VDOT over the tunnels not accomodating the proposed new class of aircraft carriers (CVNX). Also, growth at NIT, PMT and Maersk is putting too many foreign ships near the world's largest naval base. Wait, you'll see one day...

In fact, I've heard there have been some fierce pissing matches between VDOT and the Navy recently over draft depth restrictions due to the tunnels. The Navy has made some implied threats on demands that can't be possibly be met...demolish and rebuild every tunnel in HR, right now. Its not pretty, but the media doesn't have a clue. F... the media. With the a new CVNX already being built at NNS, something has gotta give. It doesn't help things that Jeb Bush (FL) wants the naval base moved to Jacksonville and Ted Kennedy (MA) wants all ship repair consolidated to Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in MA.

Fellas, you don't have a clue, nor does anyone else in HR. I know you think I'm some nut job, but just wait and see. Reality will vindicate me one day.

Anonymous said...

You should provide more extensive light rail coverage for the peninsula on your map

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